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Meet The Team

Your One Way Ticket to Luxury Homes in London

All of our property consultants are local experts who specialise in both sales and rentals. Reach out to us today to see why Garton Jones is the most trusted real estate agency in London – we’d love to hear from you!

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Christopher Garston

Managing Director

Chris lives in Bromley in South East London and has been with us from the start – and no, the surname is not a typo, just a coincidence. During his time here, Chris has built up an unrivalled network of contacts and friendships in the area, becoming a well-known and well-respected figure in the London property market.
When he’s not in the office, Chris can be found enjoying a meal at The Ivy Chelsea Garden or sampling old-school cocktails at the Nightjar in Shoreditch. His favourite place to holiday is Sri Lanka and hobbies include surfing, boating and golf – talk about knowing how to live!



Tyson hails from Paris, France but now resides in South West London  – “Little T” has built up an unrivalled network of dog lovers in the area ensuring he receives petting and treats throughout the day. When he’s not at the office Tyson can be found chasing squirrels in the park or snoring on the sofa.

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Ramesh Puvaneswaran

Company Accountant 

Meet Ramesh Puvaneswaran, a man of diverse tastes from Sri Lanka. He loves the vibrant ambiance of Hutong in the Shard and enjoys evenings in cosy pubs with live music. Madeira is his preferred holiday destination for its natural beauty. Ramesh is a theatre enthusiast, especially for "Mamma Mia," and enjoys cricket for the thrill and camaraderie. His bio reflects a love for gourmet meals, live music, scenic holidays, and the joy found in theatre and sports.

Olivia Shannon

Senior Sales and lettings consultant

Meet Olivia Shannon, a dynamic member of our team with a penchant for life's pleasures. Amaya is her go-to restaurant, where culinary excellence takes center stage. Olivia's ideal night out unfolds in the inviting pubs of Winchester, creating memorable moments with friends. The South of France holds a special place in her heart as the preferred holiday destination. Beyond the office, Olivia's favorite pastime involves spending quality time with friends, whether it's enjoying social gatherings or hitting the slopes for a thrilling skiing adventure. Join us in celebrating Olivia's energetic spirit and passion for life!

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George Melton

Sales And Lettings Consultant 

George Melton's journey spans Nottingham, Spain, and back to the heart of London three years ago. A culinary enthusiast, he favours Sushi Samba for its Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian fusion. Despite his cosmopolitan tastes, George enjoys the simplicity of a local pub for Guinness-fuelled nights out. Holidays draw him to the warmth of Spain, especially Marbella for family connections. Weekends for George include sports fervour, gym sessions, and a love for coffee.

Lisa Karakashi

Senior Sales and Lettings coordinator

Lisa Karakashi, a Londoner with Croatian and Kosovan heritage, enjoys fine steaks at Goodmans Steak restaurant and indulges in crime documentaries during her leisure time. The Dalmatian coast is her favorite holiday spot, representing both beauty and cultural connection. Lisa's hobbies include video games and culinary experiences.

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Alexandra Dedic

Sales and Lettings consultant

Alexandra Dedic's life is a tale of diverse landscapes and exploration. Born in Lincolnshire, she moved to Montenegro at 7, returning to London twelve years later. A fine dining connoisseur, Scott’s is her top choice for seafood. Her ideal night out involves exploring new restaurants. LA is her favorite holiday spot, and she loves coastal havens. In leisure, Alexandra embraces a holistic approach through the gym and yoga.

Millie Hardiman-Scott

Sales and lettings coordinator 

Meet Millie Hardiman-Scott, a culinary and nightlife enthusiast. Roka is her go-to for exquisite flavors. She loves dining out with friends, extending the night to a nightclub. Ibiza is her top holiday spot, reflecting her love for adventure. Millie explores London's diverse restaurants, showcasing her adventurous palate and appreciation for the city's culinary scene.

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Jacqueline Grant

Sales and Lettings coordinator

Meet Jacqueline Grant, a dynamic individual whose go-to is the elegant Ivy Asia in St. Pauls. She cherishes quality time with friends on her ideal night out. Dreaming of exploring the natural beauty of South Africa, it's her ultimate holiday destination. Jacqueline's hobbies, from shopping to dancing, celebrate life's pleasures, serving as a constant source of cheer and vitality.

Lisa Beverlly

Senior Property Manager 

Meet Lisa Beverlly, a South West London creative with a passion for adventure and drawing. She loves Lebanese cuisine and explores global destinations, favouring the sun-soaked beaches and vibrant culture of the Dominican Republic. Each journey and dish for Lisa is a chance to savour life's zest. 

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Charlotte Edney

Property Manager

Charlotte lives in Bromley in Kent but spends much of her time in Central London enjoying all the city has to offer. Her favourite restaurant is Duck & Rice in Soho and her ideal night out is a trip to the cinema (of which there is no shortage in London!). When life calls for a party, Las Vegas calls to Charlotte. She began her career as an office administrator and brings over 15 years of experience to the team.

Venice Wallace

Property Manager 

Venice Wallace, an Essex native, is a woman of diverse tastes and creative pursuits. She indulges in fine flavors at Alto San Carlo in the West End. Any night out becomes special for Venice as a parent when she secures a babysitter. Amsterdam, with its vibrant culture, holds a special place in her heart for inspiration. Alongside her role as a Property Manager for Garton Jones, Venice channels her creative energy into crafting imaginative balloon displays as a side business. 

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Henry Procter

Sales and Lettings Assistant

Meet Henry, our multinational team member who loves Bleecker Burger Spitalfields and dreams of a Greek holiday. Beyond the office, he enjoys watching Brighton play football with friends, adding a worldly touch to our team and tackling challenges with expertise and vibrancy.

Ella Hooper 

Sales and Lettings Support

London-born Ella Hooper seamlessly combines sophistication with a sporting spirit, finding culinary delight at Chelsea's enchanting Ivy Asia. Her ideal night out involves dinner and drinks in London, epitomizing cosmopolitan living, while Portugal's Algarve holds a special place in her heart for its picturesque landscapes and serene ambiance. Beyond city lights, Ella showcases her prowess on the netball court, embracing the camaraderie of the game.

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