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Lettings services


Garton Jones offers a comprehensive letting and management service.  The below outlines what each service includes:




Create professional photos and floor plan for your property

Produce a marketing brochure

Market your apartment through our unique contact base as well as internet platforms

Conduct accompanied viewings

Solicit good quality offers from potential tenants

Fully reference tenants

Produce and execute the legal tenancy document

Organise an inventory if required (extra cost for the report )

Collect initial rental and deposit payment from the Tenant

Carry out a pre tenancy inspection prior to tenant moving in and report any issues to the Landlord

Move the tenant into their new home

Transfer utility accounts into the tenants name at the beginning of each new tenancy


Carry out 2 inspections per year at the property and report findings to the Landlord


Deal with any maintenance issues reported by the tenant


Collecting rental payments and chasing up any rent arrears


Dealing promptly with payment of service charges and ground rent


Hold back a reserve payment towards maintenance issues


Key holding service


Preparing and executing all renewal tenancy documentation

Dealing with the deposit return

Tenancy Agreement

For most tenancies that we deal with we will use our standard Assured Shorthold Agreement. If the tenant is a Limited company or the rent is in excess of £100,000 per annum in then this would fall into the category of a Non Housing Act Tenancy which we can also prepare for you. Our fee to Landlords for the preparation of the Tenancy Agreement is £100.00 plus VAT.  As your agent we will sign the agreement on your behalf unless you have specifically requested otherwise.

Legal and Safety Requirements

Under the Fire and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) (Amended) 1993 Regulations the Landlord must ensure that his furniture meets the Fire Resistance Requirements. Upholstered furniture made between 1950 and 1988 is most unlikely to comply with these requirements.  Non-compliance carries a punishment of 6 months imprisonment and/or a £5,000 fine or worse in the event of a fire, so we recommend that Landlords take these regulations very seriously.  Smoke detectors are recommended, and are mandatory in all new and newly-converted homes. Statutory Gas Regulations require an annual safety check on all gas appliances in rented property, to include a written report for the letting agents’ files, with a copy to the tenant.  We reserve the right to arrange this check at the Landlord’s expense, in advance of the first tenancy, should the necessary written report not be made available to us.  Responsibility for having the annual gas safety check carried out each year thereafter remains firmly with the Landlord.   

From the 1st October 2008 Landlords will also be obliged to provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to the prospective tenant, prior to the commencement of the tenancy.  Unless you have instructed Garton Jones Real Estate otherwise, we will arrange this on your behalf at a cost of £100.00 plus VAT.

Please ensure you are fully acquainted with your liabilities under the regulations and ask for further guidance or advice should you require it. 

Please note that Garton Jones Real Estate is obliged to refuse to take on a property where the furniture, furnishings, gas installations or electrical equipment do not comply.  Your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Business will be deemed as having indemnified Garton Jones Real Estate against any liability occasioned by any breach of any of the Regulations mentioned above.

Anti-Money Laundering Legislation

Under new anti-Money Laundering laws which have come into force throughout Europe and this country, we are obliged to establish the identity of our customers. We must deal with these matters before we are able to accept instructions to act as your selling or letting/management agent, or accept an offer from you to buy or rent a property through us. You may have found that it is becoming increasingly common for you to have to provide evidence of your identity, and we are now one of the many professions who are required by law to do this. Criminals need to hide the money they make from their criminal activities, so that it cannot be traced by the authorities. They may do this sometimes through the sale and purchase of property – often using a false name and address.

The law says we must meet you in person, and have sight of your passport (we will need to take a copy) and some proof of your address: a recent utility bill is generally sufficient. If you do not have a passport, we can accept sight of your driving licence, provided it is one of the new type with your photograph on it. (If you are overseas, we shall need to receive copies of the above documents, verified by a suitably qualified person) If there is more than one person involved in the transaction, we will need to confirm the name and address of both of you. If the tenancy agreement is to be in the name of a company or business enterprise, we shall need to ask for other information from you about the company/business.

These steps that we must now take are a legal requirement, and a failure on our part to follow these procedures could lead to very serious consequences for our staff


We have specialist independent inventory clerks that we use within the area.  Although it is not compulsory for a Landlord to have an inventory, we would highly recommend that one is prepared for you by an independent clerk.  The inventory and check-in report forms a thorough report of the property; contents, condition and cleanliness.  This is particularly important in relation to the security deposit held against the property as this report will recommend the deductions that should be made at the expiration of the tenancy.  The Landlord normally bears the cost of preparation of the inventory and the cost of checking in the tenant, with the tenant paying for the check-out at the end of the tenancy. Please ask one of our members of staff to obtain a quote for you.

Security Deposit

We collect a security deposit from the tenant equivalent to 6 weeks rent.  This we usually hold as stakeholder under the Tenancy Deposit Scheme to be utilised in the event of loss, breakages, damage, cleaning, or unpaid rent or utility bills at the end of the tenancy. 

Utility Companies

We contact the gas, electricity and water companies on your behalf, notifying them of any change of consumer and instruct the tenants to do likewise.  We do not notify the telephone company, as they require you as the subscriber to contact them directly.  On the day the tenancy commences, the utility meters (if accessible) will be read by the inventory clerk, these will be noted on the check-in report and the check-out and the end of the tenancy.   Tenants are liable for the Council Tax during the period of their occupation.  Landlords should be aware that they are liable during vacant periods.  We notify the Council Tax office when the tenants are moving in.


For our Management Service we will deduct our commission charge monthly once we are in receipt of the rent.  If the tenant pays the rent in advance for the term of their tenancy then we will deduct our commission charge in advance upon receipt of the rent. When accounting to you on a Letting Only Service we will deduct all of our commission charges in advance from the first moths rent. Thereafter whilst the tenant is in occupation we will invoice you directly for the next commission term due.

Maintaining the Property

By agreeing to a Letting Only service the Landlord agrees that he will be responsible for the upkeep of the property.  Tenants are advised to contact the Landlord directly in the event of a problem and are given their contact telephone numbers and email addresses. If you would like us to manage the property for you then we will of course deal with any maintenance issues or any other problems at the property for you.  We will carry out two inspections per year on the property for you and will send you a report so you are kept up to date with the condition of your property.

Renewing the Tenancy

We contact the Landlord and the Tenant towards the end of each tenancy (approximately 10 weeks before) to discuss renewing the tenancy.  If appropriate, we arrange a renewal of tenancy, renegotiate the rent level (after one year) and prepare a new tenancy agreement.  This is signed as before. The charge to the Landlord for preparing the renewal agreement is £50.00 plus VAT.

Overseas Landlords/ Non Resident Landlord Information

As per the Finance Act 1995, Non Resident Landlords (i.e. those landlords whose usual place of abode is outside the UK) require approval from HM Revenue and Customs to receive rental income without tax being deducted.

You can apply for NRL approval using the NRL1 form (for individuals) or NRL2 form (for companies). You will need to quote the Garton Jones agent reference number, which is NA042737. Please note that if the property is jointly owned each owner will need to apply for NRL approval.

In the meantime, we will be required by law to deduct tax from your rental income at 20% until approval is received. We cannot hold funds on your behalf until approval is received; however, if approval is received within the same tax quarter we will be able to refund you the tax held. If approval is received within the same tax year we may be able to refund the tax, dependent on the NRL tax being held during that quarter. Otherwise, you will be able to reclaim the tax paid on your annual tax return.

You can get more information from HMRC at http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/cnr/nr_landlords.htm or on +44 151 472 6208.

The next step

We shall be pleased to discuss any other points with you which may not be covered in these notes.  If we have not already done so, we would like to visit your property so as to advise on an appropriate rent level. To instruct us, you will need to sign and return the Client Engagement Agreement.

We look forward to being of service to you.

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